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Coordinating the transportation needs of Richland County through the Agency Transportation Advisory Committee (ATAC). 



Mobility Management in Richland County is a brokering service to help coordinate trips between local human service agencies and local contracted transportation providers. 




The Mobility manager works with several local human service agencies around the county to schedule transportation for their consumers for medical, grocery, and employment related purposes with one of 6 contracted transportation providers, including Dial-A-Ride. 



The Agency Transportation Advisory Committee (ATAC), is a committee of Richland County Regional Planning Commission, made up of representatives of government entities, private and social service agencies that are currently providing some form of transportation to disabled, elderly or otherwise disadvantaged individuals, and public and non-emergency medical transportation providers.  

Richland County Mobility Manager: 

Lyndsie Martin


19 N Main Street

Mansfield, OH 44902

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