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Mobility Management in Richland County

Mobility Manager Map.png
The role of the Mobility Manager, housed at Richland County Regional Planning, was formed to meet the goals of the Agency Transportation Advisory Committee (ATAC) to coordinate trips between a consumer and a human service agency with local contracted transportation providers. Currently the Mobility Manager brokers trips for the Area Agency on Aging, Richland Newhope, and OOD (Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities) for medical, grocery, employment and job training purposes.

Social service agencies can contact the Mobility Manager to have trips scheduled with one of the 7, ATAC transportation companies. The Mobility Manager schedules trips based on analysis of what, if any, special assistance the rider needs, the fare for the distance from the rider’s door to the destination door and any other special consideration for each individual rider. The Mobility Manager handles all billing between the social service agency and transportation provider.

If you would like to coordinate transportation through the Richland County Mobility Manager, please email; or call 419-774-6203. 
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