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Agency Transportation  Advisory Committee

The goal of the ATAC is to act as a resource for transportation option and services in the county. Transportation coordination in Richland County comes under the auspices of the Agency Transportation Advisory Committee (ATAC, a committee of the Richland County Regional Planning Commission, made up of government entities, private and public social service agencies that are currently providing some form of transportation to disabled, elderly or otherwise disadvantaged individuals, and public and private non-emergency medical transportation providers. 

ATAC monitors transportation services that are available within the county for the elderly and individuals with disabilities. The committee provides input regarding availability and effectiveness of these services within the community, and regarding the need for additional services for this target population. The ATAC maintains the Coordinated Public Transit Human Services Transportation Plan. To view the most current plan for our county, click here: Coordinated Plan

Currently ATAC consists of 7 Non-Emergency Medical providers who meet all ADA and OAA compliance guidelines. Most of our providers have ambulette and wheelchair capabilities and offer door-to-door, door-through-door assistance. 

If you are an agency who needs help scheduling transportation for your clients, or are interested in joining the ATAC, please contact the Mobility Manager!
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